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Papyruscript is established with an aim to provide solutions to scientific and academic problems. Our wide spectrum of services supports our clients from around the world in achieving research and academic excellence in their respective fields. We provide customized services to researchers, students, and academicians in every step of their career drive. Our services include but are not limited to scientific writing, medical writing, academic writing, publication support, and editing services. Scientific and editing writing involve writing research articles, review papers (narrative, scoping, systematic, meta-analysis, and expert reviews), thesis writing, research proposal/grant writing, and project report writing, preparing power point presentations, and making posters. We also provide editing services that include proofreading, extensive editing, and substantive editing that include rewriting.

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Our motto is to cater the best services at nominal prices. We prioritize quality and commitment over profit.

We believe in establishing a reliable bond of trust with our clients. Quality is the essence of our company. We are a group of people from a wide range of specialities and expertise. We have highly eminent, learned, and experienced scientists, researchers, experts, clinicians, surgeons, academicians, and experts of English language (all from English speaking countries). We cover a wide range of subjects/fields such as science and technology, biotechnology, medicine, public health, bio-statistics, genetics, basic and applied sciences, engineering and architecture, agricultural sciences, aquaculture and fishery, social sciences, economics, history, humanities, political science, etc. The experts in the respective fields are selected on the basis of proven track record of high impact first author publications in international, peer reviewed, high-impact journals and proven efficiency in English language.

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We have more than 600 renowned experts from various internationally acclaimed universities and research centres from across the world. Our experts are immensely dedicated and sincere towards their responsibilities as writers, editors, and researchers.


Our Responsibilities

  • To provide the best possible services to our clients.
  • To assure publication in the journal of interest.
  • If despite of our efforts the manuscript is not accepted in a journal, we further assist in the publication process with revision of the previous draft in other relevant journals.
  • Refund the total amount if the deliverable is not found satisfactory by the client.
  • We maintain confidentiality of the data and the client details with us.
  • We consistently seek client feedback on our services to further improve the quality of our services.

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